Sober Charities was created to help the disadvantaged and suffering addict or alcoholic in our community, just maybe your neighbor, a friend, an acquaintance or even a family member…that just needs a helping hand to “get right” and “get on” with the business of living a productive and reasonably happy life!!! Sober Charities works closely with various Sober Living providers and various treatment professionals.

Sober Charities serves the community under the auspices (using the 501-c-3 sponsorship) of GoodSam - working together to deliver vital support to those in need of substance abuse treatment and related recovery services.

  Sober Charities will raise funds and in kind donations to support those in need of substance abuse treatment, sober living housing, counseling, detox, job training and referral, education as well as basic needs such as food and clothing. In addition, Sober Charities will act as a referral source to many local agencies for those in need of services.

Sober Charities welcomes - in-kind gifts or donations, such as food (any and all), furniture (twin beds, dressers, night stands,
tables, chairs, kitchen utensils, etc.), vehicles , real estate, and stocks. With these kinds of donations,
we can support provisions of food, Sober Living bed fees and/or related services!!!

For those who come out of the darkness; seeking help with detox, treatment, counseling, sober living, AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery - the recidivism or relapse rates are remarkably improved. We appeal to You, to Help us, help them and help the community, too!!
So won’t you Make a difference. Make a donation. Light a candle!!


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The Sober Charities -
Advisory Board

Archie Bakerink

Bob Klinger

George Feicht

Dale O'Brien

Kathy Lynn Trosclair

Stephen Stapleton

Gavin Strickland

Donate Now
Help Us – Help Others…
And Improve Our Community!!!
Help Us – Lower Crime Rates!!
Help Us – Improve Lives by Supporting Real and Lasting Recovery!!!

Suggested Donations:

Bus pass, for 1 month.
Food provision, for 1 month.
Sober Living Environment, for 1 month.
One month of intense counseling through an affiliated agency.
Substance abuse detox, 5-10 days.
One month County subsidized treatment center.
$8,000 - $15,000
Private treatment center options.

Our appeal is to Act Now,
as the time of need is always Right Now!!!

Donations may be tax deductible, please consult with your tax advisor. Donations may be designated for a particular program, specified group of people or to a specific individual e.g. “I want to donate to provide a sober living treatment environment for non-violent substance abuse offenders who might otherwise be incarcerated for their foibles”...or “I want to donate so my grandson can go to a treatment center like Changing Echoes, Maynords, Recovery House, etc.”

Always Remember - "it's better to light a candle... than curse the darkness!"

Welcome to an Opportunity to Help Others Find a Better Way of Life!!

Sober Charities is an organization committed to improving individual lives and the community by supporting all sorts of substance abuse recovery services - thusly greatly improving public safety and recidivism or relapse rates for those in recovery or incarcerated due to drug or alcohol behavior and induced criminal activities. These social problems are at all time highs!! The “good news” is - well documented
studies establish that treating addiction substantially reduces crime and promotes public safety. Recent studies, documented thru the courts and legal system and the substance abuse treatment industry, indicate incredible relapse and recividism reduction rates from 87% (the standard) to 17% (post treatment, including all treatment modalities eg inpatient, outpatient and residential sober living opportunities). Sober Charities helps carry out this mission by providing the funding for these essential services for rehabilitation such as inpatient and outpatient treatment, clean and sober housing, counseling and job assistance to adult women and men suffering from substance abuse or chemically dependency problems, who simply need a supportive boost to return successfully to their respective families and community.”

Arch Bakerink, Professor of Law Drivon School of Law, Humphrey’s College

Sober Charities of San Joaquin Valley

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